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A chess-playing machine of the late 18th century, promoted as an automaton but later proved a hoax.

delayed_job_admin: a simple admin interface for Delayed::Job

So, I just published my first Rails 3 gem engine: delayed_job_admin. Thanks very much to José Valim for his wonderful book and for enginex, which made creating this gem a breeze. It's a very simple (you might even say "unfinished") admin interface for Delayed::Job. Here's a screenshot: Right now, it only lets you view jobs in your work queue. If/when I have the need for more features, I'll definitely add them into the gem. However, if you find that you like this interface and wish it did a bit more, please don't hesitate to fork and the gem and send me a pull request! Thanks to CaptainU for letting me open-source this little bit of code. If you're looking for a gig working with Ruby, look no further - I hear they're hiring now. Drop them a line and maybe we can hack on something together soon :)

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